National Lawyer’s Guild Shoutout

October 2020

Hotline: (888) NLG-ECOL / (888) 654-3265

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I’ve started doing monthly shoutouts to organizations engaging in advocacy, mutual aid, and other work, as both a resource to call on and for those looking for organizations to $upport. I hope to faithfully represent their goals and work, using social media to share examples of what real-world change and advocacy look like.

This month I’d like to highlight the National Lawyer’s Guild, the oldest and largest progressive bar association in the U.S. They have been defending the rights of activists and protestors for decades, as well as providing resources and advocating for immigrant rights, labor rights, environmental justice, prison abolition, and those affected by the war on drugs.

There are many resources on their website alone, and I’d like to highlight their “Know Your Rights” pamphlet, which contains vital information for anyone approached by law enforcement about your rights to council and silence, as well as what to do in cases of warrants, grand juries, and your rights if you are a non-citizen approached by DHS. It is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Urdu and Farsi. I recommend anyone in the U.S. who sees this post to download and read this guide–you never know when some of this information may become vitally important!