Community Justice Exchange Shoutout

September 2020

[Instagram Post]

I’ve started doing monthly shoutouts to organizations engaging in advocacy, mutual aid, and other work, as both a resource to call on and for those looking for organizations to $upport. I hope to faithfully represent their goals and work, using social media to share examples of what real-world change and advocacy look like.

This month I’d like to highlight the Community Justice Exchange, where organizing strategies and bottom-up interventions to end mass incarceration are shared and developed. Here you can find the National Bail Fund Network, a directory encompassing over 60 funds across the country. In light of recent events contributions are needed more than ever; the directory also links to bail funds specifically for helping protestors arrested this summer, funds for immigration detainees, though these are not the only legal defense funds out there!

Other resources they provide include guides for organizing and developing strategies, like So You Want to Courtwatch? This guide explains the different goals and tactics used by different organizations around the country, such as gathering data to use in training public defenders or advocacy campaigns, introducing more privileged communities to the workings of the court system, or as part of monitoring and accountability systems. The guide also lays out important considerations like courtroom access, the size of organizations involved, the type of information gathered and who it is for. It then details considerations about recruiting and retaining volunteers, leadership, training strategies, and how and where data is submitted. They have quite a few other guides publicly available for learning and developing strategies!