Black & Pink Shoutout

July 2020

[Instagram Post]

I’ve decided to start doing monthly shoutouts to organizations engaging in advocacy, mutual aid, and other work, as both a resource to call on and for those looking for organizations to $upport. I hope to faithfully represent their goals and the work they are doing, and use social media to share examples of what real-world activism, advocacy, and change look like.

This month I’m giving a shoutout to Black & Pink, a nationwide prison abolitionist organization centered around currently or formerly incarcerated LGBT+ people and people living with HIV or AIDS (PLWHA). They work at both broader and smaller levels with a variety of programs–see my infographic and their website (link in bio) for more detailed information.

Within this spotlight I’d like to highlight their 2015 report “Coming out of Concrete Closets,” which collects the largest national set of data on LGBT+ prisoners and discusses these experiences in the context of the general prison population, criminalization of certain trades, and the issues LGBT+ individuals and PLWHA face. I found it to be a very accessible report, sharing often-unheard voices and recommending a thorough set of long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals and policy changes.